The LP Team

the Likhang Puso team


britney sio

Brit is currently a Grade 12 STEM student from the Philippines. She often helps in making digital posters for the organizations that she is part of, and that includes Likhang Puso (LP). She is the Creatives Head of LP, and she wishes to use her skills to create eye-catching designs and concepts in order to help bring awareness to the colorful culture and traditions of the Mangyan community.


oriana tolentino

As a Grade 12 STEM student in the Philippines, Oriana Tolentino is the Logistics head of the Likhang Puso team in Manila. Being a class officer since her grade school years, she is equipped with the necessary planning and organisation skills. Oriana has always thought of ways on how to utilise her heart of gold; therefore, she joined Likhang Puso to be able to give back to the community and help the marginalized, most especially the Mangyans. Oriana is genuinely thrilled for the projects that the organization has to offer in the future. She looks forward to spreading happiness and touching as many lives as possible.


caitlin chiang

Determined and passionate to help leave a mark in the lives of her fellow Filipino countrymen, Caitlin is the Programs Head of Likhang Puso. She is currently in Grade 12 taking up the International Baccalaureate Program, whilst participating in a wide variety of project planning opportunities, and being able to conduct successful programs in her own teams. Through the programs that she has helped bring to life and ensured positive impacts upon those who partake in them, she hopes to bring these experiences to Likhang Puso in hopes of helping the team create changes in the lives of those who need them the most.

sofia pantoja

With an upbeat attitude and bubbly personality, Sofia is a Grade 11 Humanities student who has always had a passion for serving others. While she may be relatively new to the team, she does what she can to help around whenever and wherever she may be needed. Through her willingness and determination, Sofia hopes to be able to spark change in the lives of others.


kyra so

A Grade 12 STEM student who has an affinity for numbers and data, Ky has a passion for creating spreadsheets and helping the less fortunate. She has partaken in various social action activities and hopes to apply everything she has learned in the organization’s future endeavors. As Likhang Puso’s Finance Head, she aims to help Megan and Kate navigate clerical and financial concerns of the organization to ensure smoother operations.


thania tiu

Striving to help people to the best of her abilities, Thania is the Communications head of Likhang Puso, and is currently a Grade 12 Humanities student based in the Philippines. Through her creative skills, she also takes part in the making of social media posters which help the organization’s cause reach many hearts beating in different places. Thania remains optimistic as she hopes to leave a positive impact through her little actions. Hand-in-hand with the Likhang Puso team, she looks forward to all the future lives they will change, one step at a time.