Likhang Puso


megan lim

An artist at heart, Megan utilized her creativity to plan and execute Likhang Puso’s first project: the renovation and mural painting of classrooms in Bulalacao, Mindoro. Megan, a Grade 11 IBDP student studying in Singapore, is the co-head of Likhang Puso. Her leadership skills have enabled the growth of the Likhang Puso team and she is excited about Likhang Puso’s upcoming projects.

kate ong

Based in the Philippines, Kate is the co-head of Likhang Puso and is currently a Grade 12 student. She is one of the main contributors to the planning of Likhang Puso’s projects, and she manages the Philippine extension of the organization through her leadership skills. Kate wholeheartedly looks forward to all the future endeavors of Likhang Puso.